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'The title above is the proud title that I and the late Mr Keith Birch, the former Head of the Arts at the University of Liverpool, put together thirteen long years ago on my 51st birthday on the 10th May in the year 2000.


It was Mr Keith Birch and Dr Rodney Wright; Head of Continuing Education at the University of Liverpool who accepted my first drafted group constitution for 'The University of Liverpool Creative Writing Society for Lifelong Learning' which was drafted, based and formed from both the University of Liverpool and 'The Scotland Road Writers Workshop' constitutions. To which the late Keth Birch, Jimmy McGovern, the late Eddie Barrett, Alan Bleasdale and Willie Russell were all very proud members.


Since then I have always been totally dedicated working tirelessly and effortlessly; despite suffering from devastating sad losses and many health setbacks as I currently still have been doing throughout this year 2013. I wanted this creative writing group's writers to learn from other people's ways of writing, and I wanted them to have an increased motivation and inspiration to encourage them to keep writing.


I felt it necessary for all of them to have constant access to a pool of contacts, information and resources; which I have always continued to do throughout all of this time. Most importantly I wanted them all to feel equal, included and to be visible and heard. I also strongly suggested to group members that it would be in our own interest to join the National Association of riters' Groups to which we have been a part of for many years.


My sole unselfish intention and aim for the creative writing group that I formed was always to make sure that our Liverpool creative writing group; especially our group member's proud names were continuously recognised throughout the entire world which I have always done by sending off their written work to International publishing friends to be deservedly published, which they have gladly done many times.


I organised, copyrighted and drew up competition leaflets and flyers for an international writing competition for the late Ted Walters; a friend who was one of our much liked group members and who sadly died of cancer on the 15th August 2006. Through that I attracted many international writers from all over the world; some of whom still remain good friends, with five successful International poetry, prose and playwriting competitions, raising money annually for the McMillan Cancer Support Nurses.


For the past five years I organised, copyrighted, supplied the unusual pictures and drew up the successful 'Syble Hannon Group Caption Competition' leaflets for our writing group members only. Sadly, Sybil my former precious partner and founder group member; who worked tirelessly for many years for this writing group, died of cancer on the 3rd April 2009.


I know I have always gone out of my way to successfully obtain sponsorship for our International writing Competition, organise entertaining and successful prize winning gala awards nights, and made sure that every one of the people who joined our writing group was always made to feel very welcome, and kept up to date each week with all new and exciting writing opportunities and challenging prize-winning writing competitions.


I organised, copyrighted and gained sponsorship for the three writing group anthologies that I produced, included every single one of our group members, to which some I have sent and sold onto many people from distant shores all over world; despite all of the arguing with my good friends who were university officials, that we have always had the facilities of a free room to accommodate our talented writers. The first ten years at the University of Liverpool, and these last two years at different venues, but mainly at the Ship and Mitre public house in the centre of Liverpool.'



Thomas McBride:  Group Secretary  


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In the upstairs room of the
‘Ship and Mitre’
Saturday 17th May 2014: 7pm – 11pm


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